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Table Jack

Featured on Shark Tank!

The Table Jack is the most advanced table stabilizer on the market today.

The Table Jack uses a patent pending mechanism to stabilize table bases with ease while stopping the frustrating wobble that occurs with most restaurant style tables. Using a revolutionary single Table Jack unit, restaurants and customers can easily adjust table wobble back and forth or side to side with a simple press of the foot.


Built for use in commercial environments such as busy restaurants and bars, the table jack system is incredibly easy to install and comes in with the hardware to fit most style table bases up to 2 1/4″ width. Already installed in some of the most demanding restaurant locations, the table jack stands up to the most harsh environments while providing its customers a truly wobble free experience. Buy the tablejack now and see for yourself how easy and wobble free a table can be.


Savings from an average restaurant with 25-­30 tables


Labor and supplies cost savings

  • Pre-­‐opening Labor Costs -­‐ Two staff personnel spend one hour a day adjusting table glides before customers arrive at $7.25 to $8.50 an hour which equals $14.50 to $17 a day or approximately $5,000 a year.
  • Labor Costs While Open -­‐ Combination of staff and waitresses throughout day spend a combined one hour a day, when they could be generating sales, equals approximately $2,500 a year
  • Costs of Supplies -­‐ Sugar packs and napkins used to stabilize tables at $3 a day equals approximately $1,000 a year
  • Costs of Replacing Competitors Products -­‐ Change out competitors’ products twice a year at $300 per replacement equals $600 a year

Bottom Line

  • Total cost of labor, supplies and replacing the competitors’ product is approximately $9,100 per year. This does not include loss of sales due to unhappy customers with wobbly tables and staff spending time adjusting tables instead of serving customers. Also, the “Foot Activated” Table Jack avoids the sanitary issues of the staff adjusting tables with their hands and serving food and drinks at the same time
  • Table Jacks, which carry a two-­‐year manufacturer’s replacement warranty, can be installed in the average restaurant with 25 – 30 tables at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for under $500. The net cost savings, in the first year alone, of using Table Jacks compared to the competitors’ unreliable products is approximately $8,600.


Operation Instructions

Side to side movement

If the table rocks from side to side (or sideways from the tablejack), hold the table top from the under side with hand, press down the tablejack lever, lower table until it stabilizes on the other three glides and release lever.


Front to back movement

If the table rocks towards the tablejack, slightly lift the table from the tablejack side, step on the tablejack lever, lower the table down until it stabilizes on the other three glides and release lever.


If table is still not stable, repeat steps listed above.


Please contact:

Adam Murray
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You can also visit their Homepage for more information.